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TROOTH is a Perth native with a passion for rapping. He is inspired by life and hip hop and has been song writing since the age of 13.
From humble beginnings, the rapper has seen his fair share of the negative aspects of life, but music is his liberation. “It is my freedom from the pressures of the world, it is my oxygen, expression and respect is my survival”.
Rapping from the heart, TROOTH delivers stories and rhymes of his life experience and his lyrical prowess is creative and artistic. His main philosophy in life is to “be true to yourself and your art”.
TROOTH has worked with people such as Loftee Beats, TAKU, Chantelle Barry, Trumpnotics (LA) and Bruno Favoury, Dialekt, Porsah Laine, DT and Slack Jaw. His inspirations include 2pac, Talib Kweli, Eminem, MalcolmX, Martin Luther King, and Kanye West.
TROOTH has released an EP “Too High,” and just released,”United We Stand” the mixtape featuring some of Perth finest artists. TROOTH can be seen frequently in the local Perth hip hop scene.


Defy Reality 2019 Album Launch featured; Jamahl Ryder, Vanessa Hopes, Tha Strangerz, Flewnt, Selekt Few, Trooth, Ruxton.