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Meanjin (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) artist of Aboriginal heritage. Long standing member of the Brisbane underground rap scene. Former member of acts Poverty Ass Productions & Offensive Linesmen

Dad, Hip-Hop head, life enthusiast, fighter of the good fight, and on occasion I rhyme.

“One of my proudest moments as a hip-hop head on the mic thus far. Anyone that knows me at all knows I’m a big Pun fan so to work with someone who is not only very dope in his own right but also was in Terror Squad with Pun & Joey is pretty damn cool to me. It’s up there with getting to support Lord Finesse, Roc Raida, Q-Unique and A.G. So the extended D.I.T.C affiliation isn’t lost on me either.”

White people are a guest in hip-hop. If you built your house and other people entered it, does that make them owners of it?   There’s no racism in the fact that white people are a guest in hip-hop, there’s no attack there, no character assassination or anything to make the statement racist.

There’s not so much a conscious message as much as common themes. Things that re-occur in my lyrics are things like political undertones, encouraging people to embrace themselves and general positivity. Plus, I hope, my sense of humour comes through as well.