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UnderBellee is what happens when Catch The Fly producer: Dan the Underdog and Darwin based MC: Bellee form like Voltron to create something new and exciting yet to be heard in Hip Hop. Bellee has the tendency to pick the more left field beats from Underdog’s collection and paint a picture with his words so vivid you can see the story as he unravels it before you. He takes the audience with him on the roller coaster ride that is his life without straying too far from the party that is his live show. Bellee has been making a lot of noise in the Darwin Hip Hop scene as of lately, taking out battles and opening for some of the biggest acts to come though his city (Bone Thugs/Dogg Pound/Naughty By Nature). Dan the Underdog has been producing some of the best Hip Hop to come out of the NT for more than 5 years, since relocating from Buffalo, NY, he has worked on Catch The Fly/TASK/ACID/Skank MC just to name a few, his workshop track record is also quite impressive. He plays the background on this project, focusing on production, spitting the occasional verse, but his presence is still made known on stage, playing the hype man for Bellee during the live show.