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  • Defn. to unleash the nugget (verb inf.): to allow ones inner fool to wreak havoc on the world. Hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, Unleash The Nugget (UTN) are THE definitive band on how to get the party started. After already conquering Tasmania this hip-hop/funk/soul/party explosion are set to take over Melbourne, then Australia, followed by the entire world and then obviously the Universe in its entirety with their unique brand of party goodness. The three founding fathers of UTN (Gilly G, Dunn D and the Wiz Kid) gave birth to the Nugget during 2002 in Tasmanias’ south. They have since honed and evolved their own blend of musicianship and funky delicacies to deliver smoking hot live shows all over the place. They have recently relocated to Melbourne to serve platters of the funk to the masses. So get ready ladies and gentlemen ’cause UTN is all up in your grill! While taking their music very seriously, Unleash the Nugget are in short, nothin’ but fuckwits!
  • band members

    Michael Heath – Vocals, Anton Heath – Vocals, Gillan Gregory – Guitar/Vocals/MD