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aka Wizdm Tha Knowledge Hunta – solo artist & member of Brethren
We learnt at an early age that the world doesn’t meet you half way. You know, You’ve got to do it yourself. And I think that’s what culture is, is really based on, is just doing it yourself. So we were approach by one of the record labels and they thought well you guys have been around for a while, you’ve got a bit of staying power. So we did a release through them. And the music industry at the time, I think it was a bit more of an experiment than anything.
A lot f people forget that Hip Hop was party music, it was dance music. You know you put Hip Hop on, you’re on the dance floor. You know you weren’t leaning up on the wall, the back wall, you were right into it.
Definitely, we’re not a Christian rap group. We’re a rap group who happen to be Christians basically. We focus on Hip Hop, we focus on the Hip Hop community. But we attack it with a positive message.