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Xavier Mayne has been experimenting within new depths outside his indie/rock projects ‘The Young Art!’ and ‘TYA’. Inspired by the likes of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Post Malone, Kid Cudi and The Internet, XM delicately blends alluring instrumental production and hooks with raw lyrical flow.
Teaming up with life-long friends CHASE ATLANTIC, together they have created a masterpiece. XM’s debut single ‘SHLEEPIN’, tells a story of Mayne’s state of mind whilst going through an isolated period in his life. “Even though the song may sound bright, sparkly and sweet, the underlying story is actually quite dark. I really wanted to encapsulate the sugar-coated, bittersweet façade of drug abuse when dealing with hardship, this is ‘Shleepin’… Story of a lonely boy.” – XM concludes
Now Xavier Mayne is back with his second single ‘Understand It ft. Goon Des Garcons & Jay Cooper’.
‘Understand It’ lures you into a down tempo groove with an unshakable refrain of emotion and vulnerability. The aura of the song revolves around the misunderstanding of intentions and the ever-changing levels of sexual tension & emotional attachment between two people as their relationship progresses. “An intertwined conversation between myself, my anxieties and my relationships at the time.”
2018 brings on a new journey for Xavier Mayne, and with a repertoire of unreleased music under his belt, exciting collaborations, multiple shows and tours to come.
“From the start, XM has been a therapeutic outlet for me to express and explore the beautiful dark side of my personality and emotions. The acceptance of both all my greatness and all my shortcomings, has allowed me to feel much more grounded and whole as a person. Being able to express these darker emotions through XM, has helped me release these feelings that I would usually suppress, while being more conscious of how they affect my everyday decisions. Life is an unpredictable dance between two opposites. Why side with one when you can embody the best of both?” – XM
“We journeyed into forbidden depths, she called it ‘New Eden’.”