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Consisting of three permanent members – vocal artist KiddSick, DJ/mixer Miss Savage and writer/manager: Texx


Young Mafia an Australian HipHop To HorrorCore Group founded at the begining of 2012,originally containing three main artists, The Innovator of illusion KidSick, The Hitman an EnAy, Although things didn’t work and Enay was dropped as a main artist and considered as a featuring artist, The same process eventually happening to the second member *The Hitman* , leaving the group in dire straites at one point when BANG ! like a gunshot as quick as it is 303 appeared on the scene, opting to join Young Mafia and helping do what needed to be done, which was at the time working on there debut, with the album to be Dubbed *Bank Bid $ Bet* with a release date unset things appeared to be going well, however things went south almost immediately after successfully recording 2-3 tracks, for unforseen circumstances 303 was dropped as an artist entirely from the group an corresponding label and was to have no further contact at all with the group or its affiliates, with the dropping of an artist and scrapping of the planned debut the group dusted off an reset on there plans to drop some heavy shit to signify the start of a long planned music career, at this time the new debut is Unnamed and release date Unset However ! The dopest collaborations have been confirmed, such as The KID CRUSHER !! VERBAL VANDALISM ! And More .. so for now become a fan support in anyway you can