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On his latest single Black Hole, Zepha captures a transcendental energy in a mellow mix of beats, melodies and lyrics. Uplifting and soulful, Black Hole is definitive of Zepha as a writer, performer and producer… an adept blend of hip-hop, indie and EDM with an underlying ethos that links back to his punk rock adolescence.

Based in Sydney, Zepha debuted with 2016’s Here EP, emerging with an arsenal of fiery autobiographical songs. Establishing his talent and ambitious intentions alike, Here was a confident introduction. Building on this foundation and collaborating with Wollongong’s Coast & Ocean Black Hole, is a victorious progression for Zepha. Hard work paying off and stars aligning.

Black Hole is taken from Zepha’s forthcoming album Stranger Danger, where he takes the initial energy of Here and hones it into something more focused and refined. Stranger Danger bears the freshness of a prototype talent. On it, Zepha steps up – giving his all and creating the best music of his career so far. By doing so he has entered an exciting new phase of writing and touring, kicked off nicely by the irresistible Black Hole.