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Distilled from the leaves of the basil plant (Ocimum basilicum), our certified-organic Basil Essential Oil helps alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting focus and mental clarity. Its energizing aroma reduces fatigue and uplifts the mood, making it perfect for long work or study sessions. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which actively remedy minor skin irritations and infections.

Our Basil Essential Oil is 100% organically-certified in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and potency. Add a few drops to your diffuser, bath, or massage oil for an invigorating and refreshing experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Mood – Uplifts mood, promotes feelings of happiness and well-being, and relieves stress & anxiety
  • Focus – Promotes mental clarity, focus, and alertness
  • Energy – Reduces fatigue and increases energy levels
  • Skin – Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, relieves minor skin irritations and infections
  • Digestion – Relieves indigestion, constipation, stomach cramps, and flatulence

How to Use

  • Bottle – Place your nose directly over the bottle and take 1-2 deep breaths through your nose to inhale the refreshing aroma.
  • Diffuser – Fill your diffuser with water and add 3-5 drops of Basil Oil for an invigorating and refreshing experience.
  • Evaporation – Add 3-4 drops to a cotton ball or tissue and allow the scent to evaporate naturally around you.
  • Steam – Add 2-3 drops to a steaming pot of water, then place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Breathe deeply through your nose for 2 minutes, rest for 2 minutes, then repeat.
  • Topical – Mix 1-2 drops of Basil Oil per teaspoon of carrier oil, then massage gently into your skin or scalp.


Pairs with: lavender, lemon, rosemary, and peppermint

Precautions: Always patch test on a small area of skin before applying to a larger area of skin or scalp. Basil Oil may cause skin irritation, so avoid using it undiluted or in large quantities. We do not recommend taking essential oils internally.

Basil Essential Oil, distilled from the aromatic leaves of the Ocimum basilicum plant, is a treasure trove of benefits waiting to be unlocked. Revered for its rich, sweet aroma and its multifaceted benefits, this essential oil is a must-have in every household. From enhancing culinary dishes to providing therapeutic benefits, Basil Essential Oil is a testament to nature’s power to heal and enrich our lives.

Garden Use

Basil Essential Oil can be a gardener’s best friend. A few drops mixed with water can act as a natural pesticide, keeping harmful insects at bay without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s particularly effective against aphids and mites, ensuring your garden stays healthy and thriving.

Medicinal Use

Scientific studies have highlighted Basil Essential Oil’s remarkable health benefits. Its anti-inflammatory properties, as demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, can alleviate pain and swelling, making it a natural remedy for arthritis and muscle aches. Additionally, its antimicrobial properties can help fight infections, while its antioxidant content supports overall health.

Traditional Uses

Traditionally, Basil Essential Oil has been used in various cultures for its therapeutic properties. In Ayurveda, it’s valued for its ability to balance the mind, body, and spirit. It has been used to treat respiratory conditions, improve digestion, and enhance mental clarity.

Culinary Use

A drop or two of Basil Essential Oil can transform any dish, adding a fresh, herbaceous flavor that’s hard to replicate. It’s perfect for Italian cuisine, enhancing the taste of pesto, pasta, and salads. However, due to its potency, it should be used sparingly.

Other Uses

Beyond its health and culinary applications, Basil Essential Oil is a fantastic addition to your home care routine. Its refreshing scent can be used in diffusers to purify the air and uplift the mood. It’s also an excellent ingredient in homemade cleaning products, adding a natural fragrance while disinfecting surfaces.

In a survival situation, Basil Essential Oil is invaluable. Its medicinal properties can treat wounds and prevent infections, making it a crucial component of any first aid kit. Its ability to repel insects can protect against bug-borne diseases. For preppers, its versatility and long shelf life make it an essential item to stockpile, ensuring access to its benefits even in times of scarcity.

Interesting Facts

  • Basil Essential Oil is rich in linalool, a compound known for its stress-relieving properties.
  • The oil has been used historically in royal baths for its luxurious scent and skin benefits.




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