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Colloidal. Silver is a tasteless solution containing silver ions and microscopic silver particles produced by electrolysis and suspended in pure water. Silver is an essential natural mineral that does not react chemically with our body and is therefore very safe. However, it is a powerful catalyst that helps the immune work more efficiently.

Savvy Sage Colloidal Silver has achieved well over 50% and up to 90% metallic silver practical solution – very high quality of the most desirable form of silver. Colloidal silver, unlikely it’s a modern prescription antibiotic counterpart, doesn’t build a resistance or immunity in the bacteria.

*Boost cell recovery
*Anti -inflammatory
*Wound care
Reduce swelling
*Accelerates healing

Maintenance: 35- 50 ml ingested daily or at least 100ml per week, 20 minutes before or after food/drinks. Sip and hold in your mouth as long as you’re comfortable for the best absorption. Drinking slowly is the best form optimum of effectiveness. Do not add to other drinks. New users should start at a low dose and build up gradually. The kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems will eliminate any of the essentials micro mineral silver once it has built up to the optimum 12-14 ppm within the body.

Illness: Increase to one to two glasses per day. For colds, spray in ears, mouth, nose and eyes twice daily.

Eyes: Bathe or spray for eye irritations or infections.

Sore Throat: Gargle and hold in throat twice daily.

Wounds, Stings & Burns: Spray or bathe liberally.

Sinus: Spray or nebulise.

Keeps indefinitely when stored away from light.


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