Lemon Myrtle Lotion with Calendula Oil



This lotion with lemon myrtle and certified calendula oil is refreshing and gentle on all skin types. Lemon myrtle is a a truly Australian native botanical and leaves you feeling energised and invigorated.

With a light and silky texture, it takes care of your skin and leaves it feeling supple and moisturised.

It can be used as:

  • A light hand moisturiser
  • A body moisturiser


  • Calendula flowers infused in Australian olive oil both certified Demeter Bio-dynamic
  • Apricot oil
  • Vegetable emulsifying wax
  • Vegetable glycerine certified organic
  • Citrus seed and rosemary extracts
  • Essential oil of lemon myrtle

Contains 5% of our unique calendula oil certified Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic and a total of 52% certified organic ingredients.

No parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum ingredients or artificial fragrances.

Medicinal Use:

Scientific studies have highlighted Lemon Myrtle’s effectiveness against a range of microbial infections, thanks to its high concentration of citral. Calendula Oil is revered in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Together, they create a powerful lotion that can aid in the treatment of skin irritations, minor wounds, and fungal infections.

Traditional Uses:

Traditionally, Indigenous Australians have used Lemon Myrtle for its antiseptic properties, while Calendula has been a staple in folk medicine across the world for centuries, used to heal cuts, burns, and skin conditions. This lotion brings these ancient remedies to the modern age, offering a natural solution to skin care.

Culinary Use:

While this lotion is not edible, Lemon Myrtle itself is a celebrated culinary herb, adding a zesty flavor to dishes. Calendula petals are also edible and can be used to add color and a mild, peppery taste to salads and baked goods. This connection to food highlights the versatility and natural goodness of the ingredients in our lotion.

Other Uses:

Beyond its primary use as a skin care product, this lotion can serve as a natural insect repellent, thanks to Lemon Myrtle’s strong citral content. It’s also an excellent after-sun care product, soothing the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

In a survival situation, the Lemon Myrtle Lotion with Calendula Oil becomes an indispensable ally. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties can prevent infections, while its soothing effects on the skin can provide relief from insect bites, stings, and sunburns.

For preppers, this lotion is a must-have in any medical kit, offering a multi-use, natural remedy that can be used in the absence of conventional medicines.


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