Pure Pumice Stone
10cm x 6cm

A pumice stone is formed when lava and water mix together. It’s a light-yet-abrasive stone used to remove dry, dead skin. A pumice stone can also soften your calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction.

Help Open and Clear Pores when Detoxing
Ancient Remedy
Use on the Body during Savvy Sage Bath or Foot Detox Treatment.

While you’re soaking your skin, also soak your pumice stone in warm water. Never use a dry pumice stone on your skin. A wet pumice stone will glide across your skin easily . Rub the abrasive side of the pumice stone over your skin in a circular motion with light pressure. For your feet, focus your attention on your heels, the sides of your toes, and other dry areas you recognise. Do not share your pumice with other people. Each family member should have their own. Allow the stone to dry on its own. Set it in a dry area away from moisture to prevent bacteria growth.

You can use this stone daily

You can remove unwanted hair without painful waxing, threading and harmful hair removal cream. Rub the pumice stone onto hairs in a circular motion with gentle pressure until hairs rub off.

Medicinal and Traditional Uses:

Traditionally, pumice has been used in medicine for removing toxins and impurities from the body. Its gentle abrasive properties make it perfect for exfoliating the skin, promoting not only cleanliness but also rejuvenating blood circulation. Historically, many cultures have utilized pumice stones for skin health, highlighting its enduring value.

Culinary Use:

While not directly used in cooking, pumice stones are excellent for cleaning and maintaining kitchen tools. Use a pumice stone to clean tough residues from grills, ceramic cookware, and other hard surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals, keeping your kitchen tools in pristine condition.

Other Uses:

Pumice stone is a must-have in any DIY beauty regimen. Ideal for smoothing rough skin on feet, elbows, and hands, it can help achieve soft, supple skin. Additionally, pumice stones can be used for cleaning lime and calcium buildup in bathrooms, descaling coffee pots, and removing pills from fabric, making it a versatile tool in household cleaning.

Interesting Facts:

  • Pumice is formed when volcanic lava cools quickly and traps gas bubbles, giving it a light, porous texture.
  • It is the only rock that can float on water, although it will eventually sink as it becomes waterlogged.


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